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Upload your music, photos, write blogs and more on your free new website. Simple to use and very effective.

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Upload your content once

We offer powerful integration with your favorited social networks, so you don't have to do the same things over and over again.

See powerful sharing features
Connect with a community of fans and peers

Need a vocalist, or rehearsal space? Find what you are looking for on a network designed for musicians.

Understand what they are responding to
Career Insight

Our included analytic tools will help you understand what your audience is reacting to by tracking your traffic, and, if you have a premium account, your sales.

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Discover new and emerging musicians

We don't believe in hype, we believe in talent. Discover new musicians that have been accepted based on their talent.

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Find events and venues in your area

See what's going in your neighborhood. Your event map will update with the newest shows at concert halls, restaurants, and bars near you.

See powerful sharing features
Share what you love

Upload your photos, write a blog, and easily share them to your network, on Facebook and Twitter. Now you have onepoint to share everything you love.

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Support the artist!

Arists receive 100% of the revenue of every digital track you buy through onepoint.fm so they can keep making the music we love.

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Discover and book new talent

Find new talent quickly based on your location, genre, or what happens to be most popular amongst your patrons!

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Get a free website

Create events, list your spaces, update your menus, and share them with your network. The website is a simple to use platform to help venues to connect with their patrons.

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Promote your events

onepoint.fm integrates with Facebook and Twitter, so you only have to login once to get the job done. Create an event at onepoint.fm and turn it automatically into a facebook event!

Use powerful analytic tools
Understand your patrons

Don't know if the show last week went over well? Your onepoint.fm site comes with baked in analytics so you can see what your patrons are responding to and how!

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